Parker Aerospace

Parker Aerospace is a global leader in hydraulic, fuel, flight control, pneumatic, electronics cooling, and fluid conveyance components and systems and related electronic controls for aerospace and other high-technology markets. Its products are used on aircraft manufactured throughout the world today, including commercial transports, military fixed-wing planes, regional and business aircraft, helicopters, missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Current Heat Treatment Australia Approvals for Parker Aerospace:

  • Parker Aerospace Supplier Document P9112 – Supplier Management (Quality Assurance Requirements for Parker Aerospace Suppliers)
  • AMS 2759/3’E’ – Heat Treatment Precipitation-Hardening Corrosive Resistant Steel
  • BPS 4620’R’ – Parker Audit Criteria Stress Relieve
  • ASTM MTHD E18’08b’ – Standard Rockwell Methods for Rockwell Hardness
  • ASTM MTHD E384’05’ – Standard Test Method for Knopp and Vickers Hardness of Materials