Heat treatment within the medical industry is as critical as it is for the aerospace applications.

To medical doctors, bright and clean implants or instruments are critical.

To the medical device engineer, material specifications are crucial for the correct fit, form and function of the implant or instrument.  Furnaces utilised for medical devices and instruments must be possible of producing these exact results.  HTA maintains a range of vacuum heat treating that provide the medical markets with what they need –bright, clean results, low to nil distortion, with exact final specifications.

The process of heat treating is the application of heat or cold to alter the metallurgical properties of a metal component. The treatment is applied to harden, soften, or relieve stress metal without changing the part dimensions.

In the medical industry, heat treatment on devices and implants is critical to ensure component strength and improve fatigue life enabling components to last long periods and therefore provide peace of mind to patients and medical professionals.