HTA Brisbane Announces Launch of Australia’s First Rubig Plasma Nitriding Service
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HTA Brisbane Announces Launch of Australia’s First Rubig Plasma Nitriding Service

HTA Brisbane, a leader in advanced surface engineering, is proud to unveil a groundbreaking addition to their suite of services with the introduction of its new state-of-the-art Plasma nitriding service. This technology, featuring the first Rubig furnace in the country and the largest plasma nitriding system in Australia, signifies a significant leap forward for the nation’s manufacturing and engineering sectors.

This revolutionary service provides a superior alternative to traditional case-hardening methods. The Plasma nitriding process offers several outstanding advantages, including:

  • An effective reduction of the white layer on nitrided materials.
  • Exceptional wear and corrosion resistance, thereby extending the lifespan of treated parts.
  • Minimal to no distortion of components, ensuring the preservation of precision engineering.
  • The capability for high chrome materials to be plasma nitrided effectively.
  • Mechanical masking, eliminating the need for stop-off requirements and therefore streamlining the process.

HTA’s investment into the Rubig furnace technology echoes the company’s continued commitment to enhancing local capabilities within Australia. With this installation, Australian manufacturing and engineering firms can now enjoy world-class treatment of materials without the necessity to send components overseas, promoting greater efficiency and self-reliance in domestic production.

The wider implications of HTA’s plasma nitriding service are poised to redefine industry standards in treatment quality and durability, further cementing Australia’s position on the cutting edge of material science and engineering innovation.

HTA Brisbane eagerly anticipates empowering industry partners with the benefits of this advanced surface treatment and invites inquiries regarding the specifications and advantages of Plasma nitriding for their applications.

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HTA Brisbane has been at the forefront of material engineering and surface treatment technologies. Their commitment to quality and constant innovation sets them apart as a primary partner to the Australian manufacturing sector.

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